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  • Agile approach

    We use Agile methodologies in order to deepen our knowledge, improve our processes, reduce inefficiencies, and create better products.

  • Performance reports

    Frequent reporting makes our clients active participants in the development process – and members of our team.

  • Regular communications

    Regular voice and video calls, emails, and chats help us keep in touch with our clients. Transparency is one of our values.

  • Continuous delivery

    Any code commit may be released to clients at any time. Our continuous integration (CI) practices minimize risks associated with a release.

  • Change management

    We are accountable for the performance of our specialists, and handle any people-related issues that might come up.

  • Personal assistance

    Our account managers are your point of contact for any and all matters, and work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with our services.



We love Startups! We help startups of all sizes, irrespective of their stages – to nurture, build and grow their amazing ideas on digital world.

  • Idea to Prototype

    In rapidly changing markets it has become crucial to think more agilely and innovate faster than ever before. We’ve got ideas too. We help refine yours, with our experience – and help you give it a shape in form of wireframe, prototype or even an MVP.

  • Prototype to Launching

    The bigger and busier a company gets, the harder it is to keep moving fast and attract the right talents to discover new business models and market opportunities.

  • Launching to Make It Happen

    We combine agile and lean methods with a diverse set of skills. Our network of advisors and partners enriches our skill set with running startups and be strategic partner of a company. we were a startup by ourselves.


Small Businesses

Helping you to take your business online, reach other markets and maximise opportunities.

  • Business Automation

    Increasing information mobility for your business by creating instant decision making tools with secure, cloud drive and intuitive solutions.

  • Consumer Apps

    Consumers drive the business. That’s why we take an extra leap to produce stunning apps and websites for your end users, focused towards increasing sales and brand visibility.

  • Understanding the Problem

    We start our projects by identifying the pain points of the customer and understanding the circumstances of our clients' current situation. To ensure an agile and flexible project realization, we put our clients' customers in the middle of our thinking.



We augment our strong history of working with thousands of ideas to build a unique enterprise solution – with rich user experience.

  • Mobile Strategy

    We help you lay down a transformation map for your enterprise to migrate from legacy systems to a contemporary mobile-based solution. As well, we’ll assist in defining a clear strategy to reduce friction in current systems and identify where mobile can fit in to optimize resources, time and cost.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Our Web Content Management services aim to help enterprises build web presence for managing and delivering information and content on one or more online channels – web, social or mobile and provide a seamless user experience to fortify engagement and conversions.

  • Consulting

    Our expert team of advisors will identify and study the challenges, bringing solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient running of your business.

how we works
  • Briefing

    Define features of product and priotize features according to needs.Ensuring development team understand project.

  • Platform Selection

    As per requirement documentation team will choose best scalable and stable technology platform for your idea.

  • Development

    Agile methodologies focus on rapid and frequent deliverables of partial solutions that can be evaluated and used to determine next steps.

  • Test MVP

    A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.

  • Launch

    A Product Launch is a process that has a lifecycle. Thinking of a product launch as a process may change your entire perspective about launching products.


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Meet our tech consulting team personally who will help you to provide more information about your idea.

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